The Four Best Blackjack Betting Strategies

Slots 101: Casino Slots for Beginners

Slots 101: Casino Slots for Beginners

When you think of an Oklahoma casino, a few things probably cross your mind. The click of the roulette wheel, blackjack dealers, and of course, cha-chinging slot machines. 

Here at Kiowa Casino, slots are a favorite for regulars and beginners alike. Why? They’re simple to play and easy to win. Plus, only a few cents is all it takes to hit the jackpot. 

Though playing these glittery games doesn’t take a complex slots strategy, knowing what you’re doing beforehand can pay off big. With this guide — and a bit of good luck — your wallet will fatten up in no time, even if you’re a casino first-timer. 

The Basics of Slot Machines

Slots come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few similarities to almost all of them. 

Every machine, whether it’s a modern-style game or the classic kind, revolves around reels. These are the colorful cherries, 7s, and wilds that you spin to win. On a modern slot machine like Quick Hits, reels will be on a large digital screen. For classic games like Mr. Money Bags® and Lucky Ducky®, they’ll be physical reels in a window. 

Below the reels are several buttons. The first you’ll notice are Bet buttons with credit amounts ranging from a low number to a high number. At Kiowa, our slot denominations range from as little as one cent up to $25. There is also a Max Bet button if you want to bet the maximum credit amount on the maximum number of lines. 

You’ll also notice Line buttons that start at one and go up. These buttons tell the machine how many paylines you want to place your bet on. The Play or Spin button is what you’ll push to spin the reels after you’ve selected your bet. It’s also the button you’ll press to spin again if you want to keep your bet the same once you get going. The last button you’ll spot is the Cash Out button that you’ll press to, well, cash out. 

And last, but certainly not least, the card slot. This is where you insert your Kiowa Rewards Club card to earn points for your play. Depending on the game, this will be either below or above the screen. New members always earn $10 freeplay for signing up for a free Rewards Club membership, so don’t forget to stop by before heading to the slot that calls your name. 

How to Play a Slot Machine

Here at Kiowa Casino, you have hundreds of slot machines to choose from. When one catches your eye, take a seat and make yourself comfortable.

If this is your first bet, start by inserting cash. If you’re coming from another machine, you’ll insert your payout voucher in the same slot. The machine will read the amount inserted and display it as credits. 

Slot machine reels work on paylines, or set combinations of icons. Different payline combinations mean different payout amounts. While early Vegas-style games work on a single payline, more modern games can have 100 or more to play with. Whichever you play is up to you.

To place your first bet, choose your bet amount and number of paylines you want to apply it to. You can increase or decrease your bet with the Bet and Line buttons. But keep in mind, the more lines, the higher your bet multiplies. It’s recommended for beginners to bet all lines at the minimum bet, if you can afford it, to get the full experience of the game.

When you’re happy with your bet, simply press the Play button. The reels will spin, that tingly sound will play, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a big win — or maybe some bonus games. And when you’re ready to respin, just press the Play button again. 

See, we told you slots were easy peasy.

Stay and Play at Kiowa Casino

If searching “slots near me” landed you here, sounds like lady luck is already in your favor. Located just 15 minutes north of Wichita Falls, Texas and 30 minutes south of Lawton, Oklahoma, Kiowa Casino & Hotel has over 700 slot machines and endless ways to play.

Our slots are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for players 21 years of age and older. And when you hit the jackpot, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a cold cocktail at The Bar or a flame-kissed ribeye at Morning Star Steakhouse. Staying a night with our king-sized hotel is always a winning choice too. 

If table games are your win of choice, we have plenty of ways to play too — from blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em against the dealer and roulette. Plus, our friendly dealers are always happy to show you the ropes if it’s your first time. Most table games at Kiowa Casino are open 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

However you choose to play, at Kiowa, it will always be all in the details. Happy winning!

Author: Jeffrey Simmons